The usual Retail Billionaires who whinge about online sales and the lack of enough GST on imported goods are at it again. These retailers who for years have raked in millions via inflated prices in Australia versus overseas, just love to complain as their retail empires are slowly undermined.

Billionaire Solomon Lew is now at it again, complaining about Australia Post’s new USA freight forwarding service. This service, which is one of many that have been around for a decade, allow buyers to purchase from online merchants in the USA and have to goods delivered to a USA address, which then forwards the goods to Australia. This allows purchasers in Australia to buy goods that USA online sellers are not allowed to ship to Australia because of distribution agreements.

Both Solomon Lew and Gerry Harvey make threats that they will sell online and bypass GST and duty. However we know that both companies are pathetic on the Internet, and show little understanding of how they could sell effectively online, when they have to compete with much more savy and nimble online companies.