Several months ago I posted a small parcel in a 500g Click and Send satchel. A week later the recipient emailed to ask where her order was. I tracked the parcel via the Australia Post website and was able to tell her that her parcel had been delivered 4 days ago. Only she never received it.

So then we went through all the usual steps – yes, the delivery address was correct, no the parcel wasn’t hidden somewhere, no it hadn’t been handed to someone else in the household and then forgotten, and no, it wasn’t awaiting collection at the local Post Office.  It was missing. And what made this doubly annoying was that my delivery instructions on the address label were  ‘If premises unattended place a card in the post box and leave parcel at neared AP outlet’.  These instructions were obviously ignored, the parcel was left and it was probably stolen. That may be assuming too much, but at the very least, my customer never received the parcel I sent her.


Delivery instructions on Click and Send address label




I did send her a replacement item, to a different address, which was received a few days later. And then I got down to trying to make Australia Post accountable for this missing parcel. I won’t go into all the emails which have been exchanged over the 3 months, or the extreme frustration I have felt at trying to get compensation for the value of the item plus postage. Did I wonder if I was wasting my time chasing Australia Post for $25? Yes, but it was … you know… the principle of the whole thing. If Click and Send has the option to add Delivery Instructions which are then ignored with an adverse outcome, then Australia Post should take responsibility for the loss, not me.

10 weeks after sending the first parcel, I received a letter of apology and a money order to the value of $6.20, being the cost of postage. Er, what about the lost item inside the satchel? I send a rather terse email asking when I would be receiving compensation for the item …. ‘oh, sorry, we made a mistake, we’ll send you another money order’. And, finally they did.  It took 8 emails from me, with a similar number from several Australia Post Online Services Consultants. Every 10 days or so, if I hadn’t received an update, I would email them again and remind them that I was still waiting on an outcome.

Next time this happens, I won’t bother hanging around waiting. If it hasn’t been resolved to my satisfaction within a couple of weeks, I’ll go straight to the Postal Industry Ombudsman.

How have you resolved missing parcels with Australia Post? Have you had to go to the Postal Industry Ombudsman to resolve a problem? I’d love to hear your stories.