Occasionally something happens that makes me wonder – How stupid can some people be?
In the case of at lease one Australia Post parcel sorter at the Frenchs Forest delivery centre, it would seem that the unfortunate answer is … very stupid indeed!

I posted a parcel via Australia Post’s Click and Send service a couple of weeks ago. It was addressed to

Recipient’s Name
Shop 6
1-3 Moore Road

In the delivery instructions, I chose the option ‘If premises unattended place a card in the post box and leave parcel at nearest AP outlet.’
10 days later, the parcel was returned to me because of ‘Insufficient Address’.  Huh? What’s insufficient about the above address? According to ‘Alice’ who is one of the Australia Post social media team on Facebook, it’s because the name of the shop was not included in the address.

Now by this stage, I’m guessing that at least 50% of the people reading this have googled the above address and found out not only its name, but also the fact that it’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the nearest AP outlet!! And that took you all of 3 seconds, right? About as much time as it would have taken the parcel sorter to slap a RTS ( Return to Sender) sticker on the parcel and put it in the pile of parcels to go back from whence they came. Or he or she could have either used some initiative and searched on the address OR he could have just let the parcel through to the delivery guy, who probably would have known where Shop 6 actually was. As a worst-case scenario, Mr Delivery Guy could have taken it to the Freshwater Australia Post shop at Shop 7, 1-3 Moore Road Freshwater, I could have tracked it and informed the recipient that it was there awaiting collection. Or an AP employee at the Freshwater Australia Post shop might even have dropped the parcel next door to Shop 6 when they were buying some meat for their dinner.

And while we’re pondering the stupidity of all this, let’s not forget about the expense of returning the parcel, and the time it’s taken me and Australia Post’s ‘people’ chasing around and around in circles about whose fault it was that the parcel was returned. It’s just bureaucracy, or efficiency, or something … gone mad!

To compound my frustration, I have just searched through my old emails and discovered that on February 1st, I received email confirmation from Australia Post that this parcel had been delivered to its intended recipient. Actually, I got 2 emails. The first, at 06:54:20, gave Current Status:    Onboard with Driver. The second, at 12:06:51, gave Current Status as Delivered. Clearly both status updates were incorrect, so why did I get these emails? I’m awaiting a response from an Australia Post Online Services Consultant