Australia Post requires it franchise Post Offices (LPO or Licensed Post Offices) to be open on December 31st. To quote from the Australia Post website which says for December 31st:

“Monday 31 December 2012 *(Australia Post authorised holiday)
Selected post offices open; no mail deliveries”

The Australia Post website says “no mail deliveries”. However what they do not say is that there will be no mail deliveries to Australia Post Licensed Post Offices and also No Pickups from Australia Post LPOs. This means anyone taking a letter, parcel, Express Post parcel etc will have that sit for another two days in the Australia Post LPO until it is picked up on Wednesday 2nd January. Last year in 2011 there was a pickup from LPOs.

So why does Australia Post insist that Licensed Post Offices open on December 31st?

Parcels will just sit at LPOs until Wednesday

Parcels will just sit at Australia Post LPOs until Wednesday