If you purchased bulk Click and Send satchels and you are not an eBay seller, you will find that Australia Post has given only 13 days notice for you to use all those satchels. Plenty of non-eBay sellers have been using Click and Send eBay satchels, but from May 13th they will not be usable.

Normal fabulous Australia Post planning.

As of today the 2nd of May 2014.

1. We do not know how much the new satchels will be on click and send, in only 11 days time.

2. We don’t know where we will be able to get the new satchels.

3. If we have to get the new satchels from Australia Post on line, then Australia Posts notoriously slow postage will mean we will probably not get them before May 13th.

4.  There is a new option of discounted pricing by obtaining ‘Business 250″ membership. However 11 days away there is no link on the Click and Send site to allow you to apply for this membership.

13 days warning




UPDATE: with only 7 days to go there are no new click and send satchels available on the austpost.com.au website, and no working link to join the Business 250 membership. The information pdf from Australia Post says :

“How long will it take to receive the new flat rate packaging I purchase online?
Please allow between 3 and 10 business days to receive your packaging. Items purchased from our online shop or eBay shop are inclusive of shipping. ”
There are now only 4 working days left until the new system starts. Australia Post organised as ever.