Australia Post seems to be suffering from more and more complaints from people who do not get their parcels delivered. Australia Post is different from normal courier companies.  If someone is not home the Australia Post delivery person can leave a card in the letterbox, and then later in the day drop the parcel at the local Post Office. The precipitant then has to go to the local Post Office (during business hours) to collect it. A normal courier is going to try harder because if they cannot deliver it, they also can leave a card, but the card is just to organise a time when they can deliver it again. Australia Post delivery persons get paid whether they deliver it to the home, or deliver it to the local Post Office.

The whole system is set up to provide an incentive to the Australia Post delivery person not to deliver it, and just take it to the local Post Office. If its a steep driveway, a long driveway, a block of flats, it easier to drop a card in the letterbox and drive away.

Here is an example of a story relayed by someone on twitter who lived in a multi story building.

“I went through same issue [of non-delivery] and it went on and on for weeks until Auspost agreed attempted delivery must and should be made.

One argument put to me is that they cannot go above ground floor. That does NOT apply to couriers

Another argument initially put to me was that the couriers MUST leave their vans running..that is rubbish

¬†These ‘arguments’ were put to me by auspost staff by the way which is why it took so long to address..back n forth

[Australia Post say] they will put your name on a list that the sorting staff can see..however..there shouldn’t be a need for a list”


Some more comments from Facebook:
To Australia post. I would like to express my huge disappointment in the performance and service of your drivers. I don’t see what it’s so hard for them to open a fly screen door and knock on my door. Neither Toll, Tnt or DHL had this problem, and yet 3 times Aus post driver have not been heard due to what I simply assume to be laziness and it is very frustrating. It’s very hard to get to a post office to pick up these parcels especially when they aren’t even taken to my local post office, but rather one significantly further away. I appreciate it’s a busy time, but that is hardly an excuse to not do something which would take an extra 2 seconds.