Australia Posts new digital mailbox is not having an easy time. It does not have many providers signed up, and it has competitors everywhere. What is it like to sign up?

Well the first thing you find is that you cannot have a digital mailbox without having an existing email address. You need an existing email address to verify you application for your digital mail box. What happened to the idea of one mailbox that replaces everything?

Then you find that you also must have a mobile phone number:










You cannot proceed past this login point without giving Australia Post your mobile phone number. If you don’t have a mobile, or you don’t want to give Australia Post your mobile phone number then tough, no Australia Post Digital mailbox for you.

Then you find the generous space available for your emails. Australia Post  Digital mailbox gives you only 1Gb of space (for free!):

Welcome to Australia Post Digital MailBox - 1Gb storage







See how this compares to Google gmail which gives you 10+ Gb of space: