Australia Post downgrades its Express Post service

Australia Post has cut Express Post services into Launceston and surrounding areas in northern Tasmania. After an online petition Australia Post relented some of the way, confirming that outgoing Express Post mail would still be delivered with the overnight guarantee to areas on mainland Australia, however incoming Express Post from the rest of Australia will no longer be guaranteed to be delivered overnight from the rest of Australia.

Australia Post wants to improve its services and get more Internet purchases shipped with Australia Post. However this downgrading of services means some people in Tasmania will have to wait longer for urgent things to be shipped to them, and maybe they will find that overseas suppliers can provide items almost as fast as Australia Posts new downgraded Express Post service.

Is this just away to gently ease northern Tasmania away from Express Post? Get rid of the incoming express post first, then in a couple of years get rid of the outgoing express post?

UPDATE: Six days later and Australia Post has back-flipped completely. Australia Post have “redesigned” their freight services and can now provide inbound and outbound Express Post services to Northern Tasmania. Perhaps someone in the Federal Government  pointed out to Australia Post that in the age of the internet they were meant to be improving services for parcel delivery, not cutting them back.