The Senate report on Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to licensed post offices  was released yesterday and was critical of how Australia Post treats it licensed post offices.

Some of the most important recommendations”

The committee recommends that, at the request of any recognised association, Australia Post be required to renegotiate the terms and conditions of an LPO Agreement.

Another might stop the biannual increase in the cost of business mail services by Australia Post:

The committee recommends that Australia Post be required to submit notifications of changes to the price of business mail services to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Australia Post having to justify its increases to the ACCC might slow it down.

Another recommendation to try to force Australia Post to increase margins to LPOs:

The committee recommends that Australia Post review the margins on postal products it sells to licensees with a view to ensure that margins are in line with commercial practice.

There are 18 recommendations in all and you can view them all here