Android phones now make up 58% of the market share of smartphones in Australia, while Apple iphones have only 35% share, yet which app does Australia Post put most of its effort into? The apple iPhone app.

That would not be because the heads of IT at Australia Post and the upper management at Australia Post are more likely to carry the much more expensive iPhone, rather than the considerably cheaper Android phone?

The Android app at the Google Play store has not been updated for almost a year, since May 2012, while the Apple iphone app was updated just over four weeks ago. The Australia Post android app has a rating of 2.5 out of 5  with the majority of ratings of 1 star, and has comments like this:

All new android devices are released with either 4.0 or 4.1 This app has never kept up with these operating system version updates. 


The letterbox maps are 10 years out of date. I found 2 around home and office that have been long gone.


Seriously Australia Post… is this the best you can do?

It probably does not matter to the management at Australia Post because they don’t ever visit the down market Google play store for plebs with their iPhones.