Australia Post is putting up its prices for International Post again from April 8th. Many people may not know there are alternatives to Australia Post for international parcels, that are often much cheaper. They can also be used by individuals and businesses.

The first alternative is Skippy Post who have been operating for about five years. Skippy Post aggregates parcels from many different businesses and offers cheaper rates worldwide.  Skippy Post have a minimum parcel charge so it is certainly better to have several parcels than just one, but even when sending one parcel they can be cheaper than Australia Post. UPDATE Nov 2014. SkippyPost has brought in cheaper tracked rates, making it more cost effective to send tracked parcels worldwide. There is now a $9 minimum charge but compared to the untracked Australia Post it looks pretty good. If you are sending 2 or 3 parcels at once it is very worthwhile, with rates half of Australia Post airmail. is a courier aggregator that uses other companies like DHL to send the parcels. may not be cheaper than Australia Post standard airmail, but if you want something sent fast they may be cheaper than Australia Post Express Post International or Express Courier International is another courtier aggregator that does international and domestic.

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