The ACCC is not going to rubber stamp Australia Posts request for a price rise of the 70cent stamp to $1. The ACCC is asking for submissions at this page here. The closing date for submissions in response to the ACCC’s issues paper is Thursday 15 October 2015.

These are requested price rises by Australia Post are as follows:

Letter service

Current Price (current ordinary timetable)

Proposed Price (new regular slower timetable)

Small letter (BPR)



Large letter up to 125g



Large letter over 125g up to 250g



Australia Post says that they lost $269 million in 2014-2015 but if they have their price rise accepted they will be making a $84 profit on letters in 2016-17. Australia Post is proposing that the new ‘prices would apply from 4 January 2016 until further notice.